I was working in Indianapolis (Carmel, IN) last week. 24 September 2009.
After work, I put my on my firearm because I can't carry on company time and go check out to see what’s around the area.
Wednesday evening I decide to go out for a smoke (no smoking in Indiana hotels). When I'm out enjoying my smoke a older gentleman joins me. We started chatting and he calls me officer. I told him I'm not an officer, just a citizen that takes my own defense seriously. We chatted some more and he told me he was from Chicago. We started talking about guns and such and he said he bought a S&W .44mag after someone tried to break into his house. He didn't know that OC was legal. I told him to come to PAFOA, handgunlaw.us, OC.org, and several other sites which he punches the sites into his blackberry. I went back up to my room to finish my documentation. When I finished I went down for a smoke. He was back out there. He informed me he had gone to the sites and then he started with the questions. 1st questions was are those sites correct, you can carry in all those states? Yes. 2nd question can people get non-resident carry permits? Yes. We spent about 2 hours with his questions. Looks like he trading in his .44mag for a more practical handgun for himself and one for his wife as well as training for both of them. The real kicker was when he was browsing around he found that the police is not obligated to protect him. All in all a great encounter

Last Friday I was driving back home from Indianapolis and decided to stop at Cabelas in Wheeling, WVa for some .50BMG ammo (Federal XM33 on sale for $39.95 for 10). I was OC'ing my usual S&W 659. Ask the younger guy at the gun counter where I could find the ammo at and he directed me to the correct shelve. I looked over just as he got back to the counter and noticed the older guy asking him if it was legal to carry in the store and he replied it was.

I then went to Wendys for a large unsweetened iced tea. While standing in line a lady with 2 boys walked in and stood in line behind me. I ordered my tea and while I was waiting I noticed the older boy (7 or 8yrs old)looking at my gun the looking up at me and back at my gun then back at me. He then asked his mother "Why does that man have a gun" (I thought here we go) and she replies to him "Because he can, most anyone can". I turned and said "Good answer" to his mother. He looks back at me and says "My dad has a gun kinda like yours". By this time my tea was ready and wished them a good evening and left.

An OC Activist and 1 of the 3%
Ed Stephan