Forgive me if this takes a bit of explanation. I will get to the point in a moment.

My name is Brandon Blackmoor, and I am a gun owner living in Henrico (although we eventually want to move to Louisa, where we have property).

I have a small IT consulting business, which I have operated since 1993. Recently, I noticed that the area from Richmond to Charlottesville has relatively few stores that sell firearms, and that those stores (when I have visited them) seem to be pretty busy. I began to wonder if perhaps there is room in the area for another gun shop, perhaps between Richmond and Charlottesville.

As I said, I have operated my own consulting business since 1993. However, I know absolutely nothing about operating a retail business, much less one that sells firearms. So my first step, I feel, should be to educate myself about that business.

My first step is to contact gun store owners who are, I think, far enough away so that I would not be a direct competitor with them, asking if they would be willing to meet and discuss the business of operating a retail firearm business.

After that, I was thinking I would seek to obtain a job at a gun store (again, one far enough away that they would not be a direct competitor if I ever did open a gun shop), and work behind the counter for a few months to learn the trade, or at least gain a passing familiarity.

Which brings me to my point.

If you are the owner of a gun store within driving distance of Henrico (say, on the near side of Charlottesville, Petersburg, Fredericksburg), and if you would be willing to spend an hour or so talking frankly with me in person about your business, please contact me. I can come to your office, or we can go have coffee somewhere... whatever is convenient for you.

Note that while I appreciate the good intentions of anyone who might respond to this request, at this time I am only interested in speaking with those who currently own and operate a retail, brick-and-mortar store which sells new firearms (pistols, rifles, and shotguns) within driving distance of Richmond/Henrico.

Thank you for your time.