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Thread: Student shot on Northern California college campus

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    That second link doesn't work.

    Catalano said the three suspects, all about 18 years old, fled the campus in a "fluorescent" Ford Escort and had not been caught.
    The obvious questions come to mind:

    1. How did a person under 21 obtain a handgun (I'm assuming it was a handgun)? I'm guessing it wasn't from a intra-family transfer. Aren't there laws against this sort of thing? Why have these laws failed us? Oh the humanity, and so on.
    2. How does one fire a gun and then escape in the ugliest sounding car ever and not be seen? Seriously, how many fluorescent Escorts are there?
    3. How did a person manage to bring a gun onto campus? There are laws against such things! Etc. etc., whine whine whine, oh...genius idea, we need more gun control to prevent such tragedies. Lemme start an organization to promote the restriction of a fundamental right.

    More ammo for the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus no doubt (no pun intended).

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    When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

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    Is fluorescent even a color?

    **Navigates to Merriam-Webster online**

    Main Entry: fluo·res·cence
    Pronunciation: \-ˈ[/i]re-sən(t)s\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: fluorspar + opalescence
    Date: 1852 : luminescence that is caused by the absorption of radiation at one wavelength followed by nearly immediate reradiation usually at a different wavelength and that ceases almost at once when the incident radiation stops; also : the radiation emitted — compare phosphorescence

    I think this journalist needs to go back to college... oh wait that might be dangerous...

    And if the car actually is fluorescent... how hard could it be to find it?!
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    Please, what color is "fluorescent?"

    I can't find it in my Crayola box.

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    Particular quote comes to mind when reading this article.......

    "Somethin' jumped up and bit me in the buttocks!"

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