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    i've been looking for a good carry to replace my full frame 1911. (im small, 5'9, 140 lbs soaking wet)

    anyways, i've been leaning towards a Taurus PT140. any thoughts? pros/cons, suggestions, anything?

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    I have the PT145 (45acp version) and like it alot. It is my primary CC weapon. Taurus' are not expensive so you have some extra cash for extra mags, holsters etc.

    I like the thumb safety, the 10+1, the weight, size,and trigger pull. It is definitely not as accurate as my SIG but it fits in my pocket with a Don Hume pocket holster. It also happens to fit my SIG paddle holster.

    While many will say Taurus is a cheaper brand, I haven't had any firing problems with mine. They come with a lifetime warranty. If you have to leave it in your car and it gets stolen, it wouldn't cost that much to replace. :-) I liken it to a Hyundai, it ain't a Mercedes but it has a great warranty.

    So it makes a great CC or BUG. If you are concerned about recoil they make a 9mm version too. My ex-wife didn't like the recoil of her PT140 and wound up getting another Taurus in 9mm. Comfort and size make a difference because if it is uncomfortable to carry you will most likely leave it home.

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    Have you thought about something like this


    I've been looking at a used hawg at my local gunstore and really like it.
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