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Thread: which group would win a shooting competition?

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    of these, imagine there are 20 members of each. Which team would win at the following tasks?

    * Small arms target shooting with a .45 Caliber 1911 Colt at 50 yards.

    * Sniper target shooting at 500 yards with each teams respected rifle

    * Hostage rescue in an urban environment, involving armed hostage takers, and other innocents in the house

    * Stopping a tank hijacker in a city street without harming innocent civilians.

    Here are the teams:

    U.S. Navy SEALS

    U.S. Army Rangers

    British S.A.S.

    F.B.I. H.R.T.

    L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T.

    Germany's GSG9

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    Chuck Norris merely has to think about a target and all the rounds in the universe hit the X-ring. Let's see any of the folks on your list beat that!

    Who are you and why are you posting these threads?

    stay safe.

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    What kinda SillyHappyHorseChit is THIS???

    What's with all the hypothetical questions? The Army holds a "Best sniper" competition every once in a while.

    Why don't you use your Google-Fu and find out???

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