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Thread: OC for one month in Phoenix

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    Have been here for one month, no issues, a lot less than in Las Vegas when I lived there! Have been almost everywhere OCing where allowed, but getting tired of eating fastfood since I can't go into any restaurants.

    Anyone want to shoot at the Scottsdale gun club?

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    I've OC'd, and CCW'd in Az. for, gee, so long I've forgotten.
    They're are lots of eateries that won't hassle you, keep going in them till you find them.
    Of course the liquor thing is a deteriment, but I've been in a few that don't have liquor that are friendly
    I forget I'm armed most of the time, I don't mean in the not knowing its there sense, the go anywhere legal sense.
    AS I probably in the last few years ccw a little more than OC, it never the less is used regularly.
    Join us at the OC dinner on the 19th, and meet and chat with other OC'rs and they'll guide you towards locations friendly to gun owners.
    Congrats and good luck
    As for SGC, not a fan,
    good shootin

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    Pace wrote:
    Anyone want to shoot at the Scottsdale gun club?
    Sweet Jesus yes I'd love to. Too bad I won't be able to until I make it back.

    That place is without a doubt the finest gun shop and range I've ever been in. :shock:

    I'm not even kidding when I've said it's like Earth's own little slice of heaven. I can't give curt1911 enough credit for taking me there last year. Thanks again my friend!
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