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Thread: Open carry speaker set for La Crosse Tea Party on Sept. 6, 2009

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    Tea Party event set for Sunday

    The La Crosse Tea Party group will host a tea party and chickencue at the Copeland Park shelter on Sunday, Sept. 6, starting at 3 p.m.

    Organizers say it will be a nonpartisan educational event focusing on U.S. and state constitutions as they relate to health care, climate control and other issues.

    There will be at least seven speakers including Tim Kerlin, a constitutional consultant who also will speak in Washington, D.C., at a 9/12 rally.

    Kerlin and Jake Speed, a town of Onalaska resident, will serve as masters of ceremony. Other featured speakers will include Pastor David King of God Squad of Milwaukee and Yuri Maltzev, a Russian-born professor of economics at Carthage College.

    Also speaking will be Hubert Huffman from, David Delaney of Americans, Ken Van Doren and others.

    The opening ceremony song will be performed by Onalaska High School graduate Katie Hoppins.

    Attendees are encourageed to come early and bring chairs. Elected government representatives have been invited to attend and listen to their constituents in separate discussions.

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    Does anyone now doubt that the media lurks here? Hubert Hoffman should be credited.

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    There were about 400 people or so at the event today. I gave a five minute speech on the history of open carry in Wisconsin, how we got to where we are, and what action to take next.

    Our focus is onvisiting OCDO and signing the petition to repeal the "school zone" law.

    Had two NEW people who were FIRST TIME open carriers at the event today. We are gaining ground one person at a time...

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    Mike wrote:
    This is the wrong link

    Proper link is Americans

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