For those who live in ASHWAUBENON, there will be a Village Board meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7pm. After months of requesting them to change the following unlawful ordinance, they have failed to do so. This ordinance not only prohibits PUBLIC possession of a loaded firearm, but ALL possession of a loaded firearm. The board informed me 2 months ago that the issue was sent to the village attorney to study. It has not been brought before the Board since then. Meanwhile, other municipalities, including neighboring De Pere, have amended their ordinances. I have been informed that the current ordinance will not be enforced, but this is an important enough issue that it needs to be resolved in LAW.

I will be attending, and will speak to this issue before the Board during the "Comment from the public" portion of the meeting. Any resident of the village is entitled to do so. So, if you're available, show up and speak up.

They are not taking any action on this issue tomorrow night, but our presence will show them we're serious about them changing the ordinance.
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Sec. 9-02. Possession of dangerous weapons.[/highlight]
(1)Firearms. No person, except an authorized police officer, shall discharge any firearm or have any firearm in his possession within the village unless it is unloaded, knocked down and enclosed in a carrying case or other suitable container, except as follows: (a)The board may issue permits to an organized gun club to engage in target practice within the village at times and places designated by the director of public safety. (b)The director of public safety may issue permits to persons employed by armored car services allowing them to carry firearms while engaged in such employment: 1.The permit shall be issued annually and be valid for the period from and including April 1 of one year to and including March 31 of the following year. 2.The cost of the permit shall be $15.00 per year or any part thereof. 3.The director of public safety shall establish standards and requirements to qualify for the permit or any renewal thereof. 4.The permit shall be subject to revocation at any time upon conditions to be established by the director of public safety. (2)Dangerous weapons.No person shall wear, conceal about his person or display in a threatening manner any dangerous weapon. This section shall not be construed to restrict the public safety department or other peace officers in the proper discharge of their duties. (3)Definitions. The following terms shall have the meanings indicated: Dangerous weapon. See Wis. Stats. § 939.22(10). The term "dangerous weapon" means and includes, without limitation by enumeration, firearm, peashooter, slingshot, bow made for throwing or projecting arrows or other missiles, nunchiku, cross-knuckles or knuckles of lead, brass or other metal or any knife with a switch blade or device whereby the blade can be opened by a button, pressure on the handle or other mechanical contrivance. Firearm means any rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver, air gun, BB gun or pellet gun, whether called by one of the forgoing names or any other name. Peace officer. See Wis. Stats. § 939.22(22). (4)Destruction or withholding of weapons. In addition to the penalties provided herein for ordinance violations, the court may, following conviction under this section and upon a finding that it is necessary for the health, safety or welfare of the public, order a weapon destroyed or held for a specified period of time before being returned to its owner. The owner shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the court before any such order is made. (Code 2006, § 9.02; Ord. No. O8-01-84, 8-28-1994; Ord. No. O12-02-84, 12-18-1994)