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    I am wondering what kind of holsters everyone here likes, not specific but generally, plastic, nylon, or leather?

    Reason I ask is my Grandfather has been doing custom leather work for 50+ years he is now retired but I am actually learning the business from him. He did everything from Saddles to Belts and everything in between, I really think I would focus on Holsters and Belts if I went into the trade.

    I ask here because honestlymy Grandpa sees his leather stuff as art and he makes beautiful stuff, and OCers would be part of the customers I would try for if I would take the trade over for him, I have never heard anything but praise for his work, not to boast but his stuff is second to none quality wise.

    He has hundreds of paterns they range from your average hip holster to ones that wear inside your pants, shoulder harnesses, and for any kind of gun imaginable (He did a lot for the Desert Eagles when they were newer)

    Sorry I know this is somewhat off topic but this board seems very friendly and I am justtesting the waters towhat the market is like.

    He recently made me a hip holster for my 1911, done more western style but that is by no means a limit to what he does/I will do, and I will post pics as soon as I can unless I am out of line with this post if I am I apologize.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I think you will find most OCers are quite fond of retention holsters as a matter of safety. So far as I know, all of these are either plastic or nylon.

    Of course, I'm sure it would possible to figure out a good retention system for a leather holster. But I think that would be the key to getting any kind of widespread support for leather OC holster.

    Now, I've seen a lot of VERY nice leather holsters for CC. But in those cases "very nice" means perfectly shaped, holding the gun well, being comfortable, etc, rather than having any ornate finishing work on them as they are, by definition, concealed.

    Best of luck.


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