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Thread: OT: FS Dillon RL550B Reloader

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    Posting this for a friend of mine.

    He used to shoot competition but no longer does. He feels he doesn't have a need for a high volume reloader any longer.

    This unit is rated at about 600 rounds per hour.

    Picture available upon request.


    For Sale - Dillon RL 550 (B) Reloading Machine with .45 ACP die set and 6 primer

    pickup tubes.

    Started life as a RL 550 and was upgraded to RL 550B version with the addition of

    the low-primer sensor / alarm.

    After that I believe that an upgrade wasmade availableto the powder measure return.

    And - I have read on the web that some went back to the older spring system. At any

    rate, Dillon's superior customer service will likely upgrade with newer parts for free.

    The machine is in excellent condition having spent more time stored in the original

    factory box than in position on a bench. All original parts are present - instructions

    included. The machine is like new.

    A new RL 550B lists out at $406.95 - a new .45 die set at $60.95. Total equals

    $467.90 without tax or shipping.

    Cash price (firm) on this machine is $275.00.

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    I'm interested, please send me some pictures.

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