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Thread: Loaded handgun in car without permit

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    I spoke with Lt.Coleman with the DNR Law Enforcement Div yesturday and asked him to clairify the carry of a loaded handgun in my car WITHOUT a permit. He told me that it is the officer's call if its a "hunting firearm" or not. But that it is perfectly fine to Drive,hike,camp,etc.... with your loaded openly carried handgun as long as its not configured for hunting.

    Maybe i've been blind but that helps clear the water for me on the whole open carry in the car thing.

    So long story short kudos on the State Police FAQ having there Sh!# in gear, no more worrying if its ok to have a loaded un-concealed gun with me in the truck

    Hope this is helpfull.

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    Man...if you could get that in writing on agency letterhead and post a scan of it, you would make a lot of people happy.

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    Better yet, get that written statement from the Attorney General of West Virginia.

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