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    Guys, I think it's about time we fight back a little harder.We've been doing well with the public and some stores and what not but the police harassment really gets to me. I propose that everyone in our system donate say $10 to a legal fund.Some one up the ladder in this group can start an account and keep track of it.We need to get a good lawsuit paid to make them sit up and notice.Also we would then have a precedent.As it is now, they just detain, harass, and release so as not to get involved deeply. Since we can't fight back physically I believe this is the way to go.The president of this organization can decide,preferably with advice from an attorney, which case looks best and tackle it.We need to show up at hearings and get the media involved. Anyone with friends or relatives in the media needs to call up some favors and get us noticed.Let me know your feedback on this as my blood is boiling and I have my 10 bucks in my hand .


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