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Thread: 2A Incorporation to be brought up early in SCOTUS Conference

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    The Supreme Court will consider two new cases on the scope of individuals’ Second Amendment right to have guns at its first Conference for the new Term, on Sept. 29, according to the Court’s electronic docket. Both petitions challenge a Seventh Circuit Court ruling that the Amendment does not restrict gun control laws adopted by state, county or city government, but applies only to federal laws. The cases are National Rifle Association v. Chicago (08-1497) and McDonald v. Chicago (08-1521).
    For those unaware, the conference is where the mighty Justices decide which cases they will hear for the next session. They will be discussing the incorporation cases on Sept 29th. Since the Court's Term begins on the first Monday in October and ends on the preceding day the next year, we should know fairly soon when and if those cases will be heard.

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    Thanks for keeping us informed of this very important event.

    This is the kind of thing that keeps me renewing my NRA membership. I don't feel that they support us at the state level as much as they should, but they are big enough to handle these kind of cases, that will help us ALL in the long run.
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