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Thread: Rush said it well

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    "They may lose their rationale, but they're not going away. See, I actually think that if they get this, ultimately they're dead. Nobody is going to want to live in a country run by these people with their vision. If they get it, there is going to be a revolt at some point down the line, because people do not want this. Once they experience unadulterated fascism -- once health care is passed, there's a government option and private insurance is history and gone -- people aren't going to put up with it. Not in this country. And unless they do something about the Second Amendment and get guns out of everybody's hands, there's going to be hell to pay."

    I can't say anything better to expand on that. It's no wonder the leftist (now banned) trolls were so adamantagainst people OC'ing around obozo. Even "The Donkey" has to have reservations about standing with the crowd who has assaulted and bitten the finger tips off obozocare dissenters. No matter how this turns out, the obozo regime will continue to expand on all the worse ideas the bush regime came up with.
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    About time somebody started calling fascists what they are: fascists.

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