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Thread: If you are a Tennessee. Resident, please read

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    Ok, here is what I purpose.

    I purpose a near continual letter writing/petition/ campaign directed at Tennessee legislators--both in the Tn. House, as well as the Tn. Senate.

    The purpose of this campaign is as follows:

    To move the legislators of this state to change current Tennessee law so as to decriminalize the simple possession of firearms in this state, meaning that simply carrying a gun in this state would no longer be a crime.

    Second, objective is to change the current Tennessee Handgun carry permit system so as to either (1) not require a permit to carry at all, or (2) only require a permit to carry concealed. or (3) make the permit system more along the lines of what Alaska does--issue permits to those wishing to carry in reciprocating states, but not generally require one.

    I know it is a long shot to expect the current system to change--but if everyone got involved, it might get a little easier to motivate the state legislators to action.

    edited to add: If you are either a Tn. resident, or have friends, or relatives in Tennessee who would help--then please ask them to write nicely worded letters to the legislators.

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    I would personally like to see an effort passed to make businesses who prohibit carry legally liable for any harm that happens to an HCP holder due to their being disarmed. but either effort ( or both) would be nice changes to the TCA

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