Soundman33 and I hung out at my placefor most of the day on Labor Day. He drove into the driveway right around breakfast time so we decided to find a place to eat breakfast. We decided on Frank's in Prairieville. My better half, Tena, snapped this photo of us just before we rolled out the house for breakfast. Soundman had his XD .40 cal and I had my P-89 9mm.

As usual, breakfast as Frank's was great and our waiter was excellant. Since I paid for Soundman's lunch at the meetup at Cracker Barrel he picked up the billfor breakfast thismorning. I got the tip and made sure to put it in the waiters hand personally to let him know we appreciated his service. Wait staff don't care if you are wearing a RPG as long as you tip well.

Yes, I know Labor Day was last week but I just downloaded the photo to my computer.