Hey all. Me My wife and 2 daughters went to the annual Greenville Seaplane Fly-IN on saturday. I carry open every day, wherever I go, and this was no exception. There were thousands of spectators and vendors. As well as a large police and game warden presence. I was sitting by the lake with my family watching the planes, a greenville uniformed pd came by and sat down with his wife beside me. He glanced at my gun, then gave me a nod. I only noticed one other person, a woman sitting on the bank with her hus band noticed my gun and pointed at it to show him. I heard him say "Its OK round here, Its normal". I thought that was a great response. We walked thru the fire/police booth and not one encounter. All in all another great day for oc here in maine. Now I am off to walmart in newport to get some groceries. If you see a guy oc there feel free to stop and talk, I am the only one I know of that oc's regularly around here.