If you haven't looked in a while, check out the new site: http://www.ICarry.org

same address, new VERY advanced software, new look, new life

I decided to include Wisconsin this time -- we share the common issue of lack of concealed carry -- so why not team up? This little red island in the middle of the country needs to get inline with the other 48 states.

let me know what you think: www.icarry.org

I'm still working on some custom coding, but the new system will allow me to email people based on postal code (that's why it's required at registration now). This isn't something that will be used too frequently, but people in districts with important races may receive a couple emails during important campaign times and election!

Lastly and the most fun part about it, I have a surprise coming up the next few months. It's going to cost me some bucks, but it will be a blast and should get people going. Almost makes me want to put up a little time ticker on the site hmmm, not a bad idea