Time for the annual gun show in Syracuse this weekend. Went with girlfriend and son. A bit disappointing I must say. Less turn out than last year and selection was down. While there was a fair amount of shotguns and some AR's/surplus, there were very few handguns to be found and rifles were in the middle to low class models with few upper end rifles to be found. Prices were disappointing to be sure with most dealers listing above the MRSP for their weapons and few deals to be had. Ammo was still very expensive and I couldn't help but wonder if some of it came from local Walmarts with prices jacked up. There were still a number of relics/curios to be seen - very cool but on the whole - disappointing. I was looking for a carry pistol for my girlfriend as we both have concealed carry permits but we could find only one dealer with themodel we wantedand that was $100 more expensive than the same one I found through an on-line dealer in another state who'll ship it to us as part of the cost. Like I said - no deals to be found. Not sure if I'll venture the trip next year.