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Thread: Open Carry article in local paper

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    Spit out my coffee on this one!
    My comments: Respite from controversy?! In the late 60's we endured the controversy of the war in Vietnam. The controversy of Women's Rights, the controversy of minority rights, the controversy of the emerging drug culture, the controversy of (gasp) that damn rock and roll music. All these controversies at once, or over a short span of years. So what's the "sensory overload" problem now?

    I'm glad to see they state in the article, their problem is not with Open Carry itself. Since they are the champions of first amendment rights, it's nice to see they "allow" 2nd amendment rights.

    The rest I won't comment on, as I am not qualified to. Lastly though: Losing the ethical high ground? As compared to what?

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    oops. sorry. Yes, go to the other link. Moderator please kill this thread.

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