I was searching for images.. LOL.. and came across this news piece from Jacksonville..

Jacksonville police investigate late-night shooting on San Juan Man in critical condition after being shot at apartments
Jacksonville police are investigating a shooting late Tuesday at a San Juan Avenue apartment.

Officers responded about 10:40 p.m. to a call of someone shot at the Admiral Arms Apartments at 6595 San Juan Ave., Sgt. Dan Janson said. They discovered a man outside an apartment suffering from at least one gunshot wound.

The man, said to be about 40, was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries to the head. Police said they have the man's identity but were not releasing it overnight pending notification of the man's family.

Janson said police were scouring the scene and interviewing residents of the complex for possible eyewitnesses. No arrests have been made.

Now for the encouraging parts.. here are some comments posted online under the news story.,.....

Open Carry! Submitted by Wendell on Wed. 8/19/2009 at 8:47 am Florida should have an open carry law for permit holders!

Open gun laws ! Submitted by JstBubba on Wed. 8/19/2009 at 10:24 am If I am going to E mail, just as soon it be the female of the species. :-) Bubba
If we had open gun laws which means we would be able to carry a fire arm in plan sight, then the bad guys would have to hunt for the un armed good guys to rob and kill. I carry a North American pocket pistol, and always keep the grip in plain sight. I notice that at various time it has been noticed like at Wendy's just yesterday,We went in to eat there were a group of five really street wise guys speaking overly loud and acting smart. Well when they saw this senior and his ex model wife enter it got louder untill they saw me stand up and move the pocket pistol from my back pocket to my front pocket. All of a sudden things got very quiet and polite and the ethnic atmosphere suddenly disappeared and it got quiet. They shortly left but I did notice they kept their eye on me as the went out the door. I have no qualm about putting a bullet into some wise *** if I feel my wife or my self is indanger. So here ya go Jacksonville today. Wonder how we stand up to the open carry states like Arizona.

in a second post he continues
Sorry but it was just us and them in the resturant at thetime. The language they were using was four letter and abusive and was a invitation for me to step up, so I did but in a way that told them I wasn't going to accept any of their wise trouble looking garbage. The resturant employees did not ask them to quiet down, believe thay just were little scared to get into it.and if I had asked them that would have been a invitation to go further. So some where along the line we have to say we also have a right to be here and we do not want trouble. I can understand your point of view and accept that, but me and mine will be protected from the youth of this age that have no respect for law and order for what ever reason. As a retired police office I have seen the digression of law and order in Jacksonvile although not retired from JSO.
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Be ready to throw down Submitted by georgetime on Wed. 8/19/2009 at 12:01 pm JstBubba your actions are definitely justified after you posted that extra detail, the first version of the story left me kind of scratching my head. I had a run in with the distinct "flava" of a Jacksonville thug in 2001 by the Omni Hotel behind the Landing. Long story short, wife and I thought because the crash arm was up at the parking lot entrance that it was free. Saw a Bravo Mike (initially I mistook him for an attendant) standing there and asked him if I could park there. He took that as a sign that he could set me up, stated he was in the Army and needed some help (didn't buy it) but I couldn't get back into traffic and pulled into the parking lot. He comes up the window of my vehicle and starts peering into the back, noticing the empty child seat. "Hey man, anybody else with you?" As his question was not routinely one that would be asked by a person in distress, I was a little wary. Wary enough to start sliding my Glock 27 up from its position between the seats of my van. When I said "No", he reached for his wasteband and started cursing and getting ready to make whatever demand he thought he was going to scare me into complying with. Before that mo fo could so much as blink he was staring down at the tip of a .40 Cor-Bon round snuggled safely in chamber of my pistol. Needless to say he booked it and so did I. I was still on active duty when this happened. I will not lie, I was shaking like a leaf because I came within a hair's width of smoking that clown. I hope he learned from it, though I'm skeptical to say the least. Had he gotten a weapon in my view, I'd have had him cold and would have taken the shot. More people need to carry guns, it amazes me how many people don't trust the police but then rest their safety solely on their shoulders. I am a cop, I know how hard I work to keep people safe, but I can't be everywhere and I am not responsible for anyone's safety but mine at the end of the day. I am not an internet Dirty Harry, some nut job that goes looking for trouble. Just a hard working person like most, but by God if trouble comes you have to be ready. I don't see how anyone with any intelligence would NOT train with a gun and carry it in Jacksonville.
"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress." -Mark Twain
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georgetime Submitted by sheltiemom on Wed. 8/19/2009 at 4:58 pm Sure wish you were my neighbor !!!!! I was raised to protect myself and family. Being a permit carrying female I can guarantee you, if that jack*** had of done that to me, I'd have done exactly what you did. I have friends that cannot believe that I carry a gun with me at all times but suffice it to say, if the situation came that I needed it, they'd be darn glad I had it. If it comes between them and me - it's gonna be me, everytime. As I've said in the past - "Forget the dog, beware the owner." Great post bud, I totally enjoyed it and I'm glad you're safe.
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Just good to hear others in other areas of the state chiming on in and letting it be known they are not fooled and know it would be best to have florida as OC.

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