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Thread: Census count of illegal aliens will make Congress more pro-gun

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    News column predicts contrary result - more illegal aliens, more gun rights!

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    In sum, one impact of the illegal alien population in the United States is that the House of Representatives is likely to be even more pro-gun after the 2010 census. And that's great news for the gun rights movement, buoyed by Congress' recent legalization of gun carry in National Parks (to take effect in February, 2010) and now aiming to get Congress to pull the trigger on more pro-gun legislation, such as . . .

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    Question: How did they distinguish between illegal aliens and legal residents/citizens in the past? There was no "illegal alien" question was there?

    We know many illegal aliens have US driver's licenses and are probably even registered to vote in this country. Because we have no national ID card in this country, if you can get 1 gov't ID, you can get them all. Just lie on the forms that ask your citizenship.

    So how could they avoid sending the census to an illegal if they don't know who the illegals are?

    Such as are inclined to fill out the census have probably already been doing it. The states with high immigration may indeed gain seats but it is dumb to believe anything close to the true number of illegals will be counted.

    If you were an illegal alien, would you identify yourself as such to the federal government? Duh.

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    I think the effect of illegal aliens is a bit over simplified here. While the south may have more illegal aliens than the north, we all know that California has a huge number of illegal aliens. Indeed, upwards of 10% or more of Cali's population may be illegal aliens. And for a State with 53 Representatives that means that upwards of 5 of those Reps may be awarded based on illegal aliens. That is almost certainly 5 anti-gun votes PLUS more districts make it easier for the anti-gun majority in the legislature to gerrymander more districts to safe havens for liberal democrats who are most likely to be anti-gun.

    Estimates put 5% of New York State's population as illegal aliens. With 29 Representatives, that means anti-gun New York State is getting an extra electoral vote. This is probably just balanced out by the 6% of Texas' population that is estimated to be illegal aliens.

    Cali's huge number of illegal aliens means that upwards of 5 House Seats that should be available to be distributed to the rest of the nation are not.

    And of course, the shift in population from the rust belt to the sun belt has a LOT more to do with citizens retiring and moving than it does with illegal aliens. Simply put, gun rights may well benefit from a shift in population and thus Representatives and electoral votes so long as those moving are large enough in number to shift where seats are allocated, but not so large as to change the dominant culture in the State gaining the seats.

    Those living in Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona, for example, as well as parts of Montana and Wyoming can attest to the effects of left coast hoplophobes moving to their States.


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    Virginian683 wrote:
    If you were an illegal alien, would you identify yourself as such to the federal government? Duh.
    I actually worked for the Census Hotline in 2000. Yes, there are people out there who actually need help with it...

    I was quite surprised by how many people called up asking if they should fill it out or not, because they are not here legally. Yes, they actually called on the phone to ask that. Their confidence in the Govt's inability or refusal to do anything about it was that high.

    And they were right. If you know it or not, at least back in 2000, the Census was forbidden from reporting to INS. The objectivity of the Census was considered grounds to require anonymity. If the Illegals were afraid to report because they might be deported, then how would the Census be able to determine how many of them there are? To my knowledge, this prohibition still exists for that very reason.

    It had to be one of the most entertaining, if not stupid, jobs I ever had.

    Illegal Immigration is really nothing more than an HUGE Free State Project. The existence of Welfare Programs is not their fault, it is OUR's.
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    Tyranny with Manners is still Tyranny.

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