Waited about six months to shoot my new CZ 75B, because of the BARRYO' BAMA ammo rush. WOW! What a great gun. I wanted all steel with old timey SA/DA action (single/double action) and it is great. Was at the Chantilly show in the former cradle of the Confederacy (Army of No. Va.)and I had shortened my list..........to several GUNS. The guy in frontof me in linewas high on the Beretta 92 and the guy behind me was high on the CZ 75........I was leaning to the 92, soI could give it to my son.....currently fighting the war on WACKJOBS.... and carries a 92....., but the CZ cost less andfit my hand better than the 92. As I was looking for a shooter (for fun) and a sometimes OC, I believe its the ticket.

Very accurate and not a single problem after 200 rounds during first range visit at BLUE RIDGE ARSENAL.