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Thread: Newspaper article on the Open Carry Tea Party in Hudson

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    A fairly un-biased article on the upcoming Open Carry Tea Party in Hudson Wi. on Oct. 17th.

    They are running a poll on if you think it is a Great event or a Stupid event.

    Vote early; vote often. (only if you are from Chicago)
    If you fail to:
    Know your rights;
    Exercise your Liberty;
    and Teach Freedom;
    You are sure to lose it all.

    Carry on; Carry Always

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    That was a good article. No side taken. Thanks for the post.

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    I am proud to be included in "U. S. President haters". He's another benighted interrupter that has fallen from his assigned tree. Where are the keepers.

    By: Laura Sutton, North Hudson, Hudson Star-Observer
    Dear Editor,
    So now the citizens of Hudson know what all the gun goon online sites have known since at least mid-August: The Open Carry Picnic that our city’s mayor and police chief have invited to Hudson is actually a Republican TEA party. As the organizer of the event, someone named Ole Olson from Glenwood City has stated, they called it a picnic instead of a TEA party to avoid objections from people who were disgusted with gun toters at Town Hall meetings on the national health care proposals.

    Thanks to the mayor, the city of Hudson gets to host a TEA party gathering of conspiracy theorists, anti-government zealots, U.S. President haters and gun activists. As a special bonus, most of the attendees will be armed. Thanks to the police chief’s comments in the paper, open carry activists feel welcome to stroll our city’s streets, attend church, and eat in our restaurants while wearing a loaded handgun attached to their body and ready to fire if they perceive a threat to their personal safety.

    So why did Knudson and his trusted advisor Jensen choose to lie to us about the event? Let’s start with the mayor. He clearly has conservative political ambitions that would benefit from the opportunity to host an event that features far-right Republican candidates for state office, and speakers representing Americans for Prosperity and Wisconsin Prosperity Network. Of course, the opportunity to rub shoulders with the TEA party folks, the slimy underbelly of what passes for Republicanism these days, and the gun fetishists was too wonderful a political opportunity to pass up.

    As for Jensen’s wisdom, this is the same guy who recently hired his nephew to serve as a part-time police officer on his force. Can you imagine for just a moment the conflicts of interest that could arise with this arrangement? Luckily, we didn’t have to find out because he was soon forced to fire his nephew when it became known that the nephew was being investigated for theft in Minnesota.

    If you are as disgusted as I am about how this event was snuck into town by a couple of guys who are entrusted with our public safety, I urge you to attend. Record the speeches. Take photos. Observe your Republican politicians and the company they keep.

    Gee, I wonder, will Dean and Kitty be packing?

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