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Thread: Paintball's and Mean Dogs

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    Does anyone know if you can use a paintball gun on a dog as self defence in Washoe County?
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    Discharging any air pistol inside the city is illegal. You likely don't have a right to self defense unless your life is threatened by this animal, which in that case any action you take would be justified.

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    NRS 575.020 Allowing vicious animal to escape or run at large; vicious animal may be killed; liability of person having care or custody of animal which bothers, injures or kills livestock of another.
    1. Every person having the care or custody of any animal known to possess any vicious or dangerous tendencies, who allows it to escape or run at large in any place or manner liable to endanger the safety of any person, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

    2. Any person may lawfully and without liability for damages kill such an animal when reasonably necessary to protect his own safety or the public safety, or if the animal chases, worries, injures or kills his livestock on the land of any person other than that of the owner of the animal.

    3. Every person having the care or custody of an animal which chases, worries, injures or kills the livestock of another on land other than his own is liable to the owner of the livestock for damage to it.

    4. As used in this section, “livestock” means all animals of the bovine, caprine, equine, ovine and porcine species, and all domesticated fowl and rabbits.

    [1911 C&P § 326; RL § 6591; NCL § 10274]—(NRS A 1979, 1395)
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