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Thread: Holster for Kimber Tactical Ultra II?

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    I am looking for a decent holster for my Kimber Tactical Ultra II - 1911 with 3" barrel. OC is what I am looking for since I am in Wisconsin (thanks a lot Mr Doyle).

    I am currently looking at the Fobus paddle holster, regular and roto style;but I'mopen to suggestions. I want something that isn't too long (i.e. for a 5" 1911), doesn't wear on the gun too much but fairly secure, and keeps it close to my body. I like the roto because it looks like I could get both the belt loop and the paddle for the same holster and be able to switch back and forth depending on the need; but it does appear to stick out a little further due to the roto attachment.

    My current holster is a Protech Intimidator, it was cheap. I like itbut it hangs way out to the side making it uncomfortable when my arm is down, and it also seems to rotate backwards on its own so I am continuously having to adjust it. I know a better belt would help this but I think it would still be fairly far out there.



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    i carry my colt 3 in. in a Bianchi model 105 sz. 14
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