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Thread: House Bill 613: Strip away the right to shoot a dog in excruciating pain which is dying

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    Below is a link to a bill which is an attempt to strip away the right to shoot your dog, even if it's in excruciating pain and dying.

    I'm not sure of the legal nature of this bill if it would even pass a muster in regards to owner rights. There was a case where a pit-bull bit someone in PA, the BF shot the dog, and the courts stated the use of a firearm was absolutely humane. So even if the bill passes, it may get tossed at the court level as infringing on the rights of a dog owner.

    Personally, I'd shoot a dog in excruciating pain than drive it to the vet or wait on the Humane Society to get paperwork filled out to change over ownership JUST to put a dog down.

    Also, I'd be one to challenge such if ever brought upon, then I'd make an example to those trying to take away the right to put down a dying dog.
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    I support putting down all furries.

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