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    My assignment for my interpersonal skills class is to find a video online (up to about 6:00 long or so) that shows someone using good persuasion skills. I thought I'd look for something that involves open carry or just the 2nd amendment in general. Anyone have any particular videos in mind? Thanks.

    One video that came to my mind is Reverend Blanchard's video on freedom and the 2A:

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    Have you looked at this site:

    Or maybe this site:

    If you think like a Statist, act like one, or back some, you've given up on freedom and have gone over to the dark side.
    The easiest ex. but probably the most difficult to grasp for gun owners is that fool permission slip so many of you have, especially if you show it off with pride. You should recognize it as an embarrassment, an infringement, a travesty and an affront to a free person.

    ~Alan Korwin

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    I would like to suggest, nay, remind you of something which is blatantly abused by anti's AND by gun people, and that is the term(s) "assault weapon/assault rifle".

    This term, in is more recent and negative context, is the invention (read that as twisting) of Josh Sugarman after the 1989 Stockton, CA school yard shooting. He was looking for a term that would conjure up visceral feelings of fear and anxiety among gun-ignorant people and he found it in this term.

    The actual definition of "assault rifle" is (paraphrased) "a shoulder arm of light to medium power which is capable of a selective rate of fire". In other words, a selectable fully-automatic rifle, such as a real AK-47 or an M16 or SAW. This soon was morphed into "assault weapn" to give it an even more sinister and wide-spread coverage of evil looking guns.

    So please be aware that none of these people in the 60 Minutes video were handling or talking about assault rifles. They were all semi-auto rifles. However, a few machine guns were shown, probably just to make gun shows appear more ominous and evil.

    In the final seconds of your life, just before your killer is about to dispatch you to that great eternal darkness, what would you rather have in your hand? A cell phone or a gun?

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    America First!

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    What gets me is 20 years ago, 60 minutes would have been bashing gun owners,

    and all the political parties would have been strutting around saying "I'm going to

    pass this bill" or "I passed this bill to keep people safe, it's for the safety of the

    children"... and on and on ad naseum. But now i see that the lovers of the second

    amendment and gunowners are really getting together. They're better coordinated,

    and not behind the eight ball. It was really something hearing the one guy say that

    nobody wanted to stick their neck out for gun control anymore, or not as many as

    there used to be. That's great in my estimation.

    Now if American's would get off their collective butts, and tell the government about

    all the rights we're losing, and put the politico's feet to the fire and hold them

    responsible for the things that they do, wow this country would be a lot greater than

    it is now. Just think what the possibilities could be.

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