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Thread: Ammo shortage gets attention of

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    Consumer oriented web site covers the ammo shortage.


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    This has popped up in several MSM sources lately. I find the timing curious: we were already coming out of the ammo shortage, just as those of us who understand the market had predicted over a year ago. Supply was increasing, and the prices would start falling just as soon as the shelves fill up again.

    And then come these reports about the ammo shortage, as if it's something brand-new and urgent.

    It almost makes me think someone liked the high prices caused by chronic shortages....

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    Gee, who would want something like that (manufacturers), That would mean manipulating (manufacturers) prices by creating a false demand (manufacturers) and create a high profit (manufacturers) and make honest people spend (manufacturers) more of thier hard earned money on false or manipulated information.

    Give me some time and I will see if I can come up with some potential perps
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