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Thread: Arizona allows CC in bars.

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    NC needs to get on the bandwagon with this. Forty other states allow CC in establishments that serve alcohol. NC is one of the few "Shall Issue" states that has an absolute prohibition on ANY carry in such establishments, whether CC or OC.

    Let's get this law changed. There was a bill in the last session of the State Legislature earlier this year, but it got stalled in committees. Write your Reps! And stop going to restaurants that serve alcohol. When I get my "No Carry = No Money" cards designed and printed up (hopefully in the next month!), we need to start leaving them everywhere we can't go. Maybe THAT would help get the message across...
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    The power hungary politicians say guns and alcohol dont mix,well last time I checked it was against the law to drink while cc anyway. Lets just make it illegal to drive your car to a place that sells alcohol. Then everyone will be happy!

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