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Thread: 18 y/o Open Carry In California

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    A conversation at my local firearms dealer led to the discussion of the lawfulness of a 18-20 year old possessing and openly carrying a handgun.

    12025 doesn't prohibit 18+ from transporting firearms lawfully.
    The website states that the minimum age to openly carry in California is 18. It does not however cite any penal code.

    I understand that PC and laws act to describe acts that would be unlawful, not to dole out permissions of lawful activity.

    The gun store I visited stated that it was unlawful for them to hand a handgun to an individual 18-20 to inspect it for purchase or what not, or to allow them to carry a rented firearm downstairs to the range. I do not see any part of the California PC that forbids this.
    Nor do I see one that forbids a 18-20 year old from participating in unloaded open carry.

    I'm looking to find precedent, or citation of the PC that would either forbid or permit an 18-20 year old to openly carry an unloaded concealable firearm.

    I suppose another good question to ask is the lawfulness of an 18-20 year old accepting the loan of a firearm from the legal owner for lawful purposes.

    Thanks so much for your help. I fully read the PC and district codes, and attempt to educate myself clearly. I appreciate anyone who can help me clarify this situation.

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    While I dont know about the California PC, I would like to remind you that a gun range can enforce their own rule of 21+ for handguns.

    As far as borrowing it from a friend, you should be ok with that, but again, the range can require handgun shooters to be 21+.

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    aw where to start...

    yes a dealer can hand an 18 year old a pistol. the law says a minor is considered someone under 18 and that an adult may own and operate any firearm

    yes you can shoot a pistol at a range, but if they want to be diks about it thats their choice.

    almost every FFL i have been in when i lived in CA, they all thought the same.
    pistol = 21
    rifle/shotgun = 18

    they are usually the pro CC and anti OC guys who truly believe that you must have training to operate any pistol. bottom line, dont listen to dealers theyre usually dumber then ground squirrels and wont hesitate to share their biased opinions that the "know" is right.

    as far as carrying a "loaned" firearm, i can imagine it would get tricky if the pistol is registered in their name. im sure a CA cop wouldnt mind getting you and the owner in trouble even if it is allowed.

    what i would say is, "the firearm i am carrying has been gifted to me from *name* and we are currently waiting on the DOJ to re-register it in my name" chances are still slim but i would think that might help

    this problem is why i moved to AZ lol its very nice to be 18 and not have to worry about this kind of stuff

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