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Thread: GUN POLL: NRA Off The Mark?

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    The basic idea of the editorial the NRA in the wrong for targeting mayors who support Bloomberg's efforts to confiscate "illegal" guns? Basically do you trust Bloomberg and his anti-gun antics or do you trust the NRA in thinking that this is just propaganda by Bloomberg to convince localities to promote increasing gun control laws in the name of confiscating "illegal" guns?

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    Wow.. talk about a rigged overly sided editorial. I find the poll even more interesting.

    At the bottom of the article you see the following as of a few seconds ago:
    Wednesday's results Our editorial: Florida must improve its program for checking caregivers' backgrounds.

    Thumbs up:[/i] 74.1%

    Thumbs down:[/i] 25.9%
    textSize() Copyright © 2009, Orlando Sentinel"
    So we look at the poll question which is
    Do you agree with the Sentinel's opinion?
    • Thumbs up
    • Thumbs down"
    ================================================== ====

    Now looking at the stats at the bottom of the article one would think that wow there are a lot of people that actually agree with this BS. Then you vote the poll and you get the following
    Vote on our editorial Do you agree with the Sentinel's opinion?
    • Thumbs up (48 responses)
    • Thumbs down (974 responses)
    1022 total responses
    (Results not scientific)
    ================================================== ==
    Now I am no genius here, but I have worked with rocket scientists in the past and I am pretty sure that 974 negative responses at 95.3% of the people voting this poll are significantly more than what is posted at the bottom of the article. Maybe since what is posted at the bottom of the article was the last time they had the lead with those that agree with them? LOL
    BTW.. if you havent voted this poll, please do so before they close it..thanks

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    It's still over 95% 'Thumbs Down'... they can't ignore that. If anyone's 'off the mark' it's the Sentinal.

    "Mayors Against Illegal Guns, co-founded in 2006 by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a gun-control proponent, backs the Second Amendment and citizens' right to bear arms. "Protecting that right for law-abiding citizens doesn't conflict with the reasonable goal of reducing criminal access to guns."

    Are you chittin' me? How can anybody write that crap with a straight face? Try to get a CCW in NYC. I don't even think yu can own a handgun in NYC. Bloomberg... another uber richlimo liberalwih a paid bodyguard... prob'ly Blackthorn with MP-5's 'n that kind'a shizzle. How much longer are they gonna float this propaganda? It's BS 'n everybody knows it's BS.

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