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    So I had to go to the Clerk's office today located at the Georgetown Courthouse. On the doors, they of course show that you may not CC. Naturally, I OC'd.

    I only met one person in there who was a very helpful surveyor. As we are walking out together he asks me if I'm LE. I said no, but Georgetown doesn't want me to CC in here so I have to OC.

    He mentioned to me that he CCs all the time and doesn't pay attention to those signs that there wasn't an ordinance against it.

    It was a good interaction. Though I did go home and look up if there was an ordinance and I found:

    "Prohibition. In order to protect city employees and the general public, no person, except sworn law enforcement officers, shall carry concealed deadly weapons in city owned or leased buildings."

    I do think it's funny that in order to PROTECT city employees, they ban law abiding citizens from one form of lawful carry.

    At least they didn't try to ban OC....

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    langzaiguy wrote:
    At least they didn't try to ban OC....
    Because they CAN'T!

    KRS 65.870 is your friend. I tell all my friends in other states that they should get 'em one of them preemption laws.

    The state does allow cities to regulate concealed carry in city buildings, but they also specify the maximum penalty and it's pretty paltry. Clearly, the state does not want local governments stomping on our right to keep and bear arms, or enforcing any punitive restrictions.

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