The Christian Liberty Guards is a Christian survivalist group/constitutional volunteer militia looking for a few good men and women to join.
We do not support nor are we involved with:
racism,anarchism,extremism,the possession or use of any ILLEGAL weapons or explosives or the ILLEGAL overthrow of our Government.
We are Christian faith based family and friend oriented group who's number one goal is to protect our families and liberties should a time of great peril arise.We offer training in
wilderness survival,firearms marksmanship and safety,search and rescue,tactical shooting,constitutional law and awareness,hand to hand combat
and much much more.
We are looking for like minded individuals who are dedicated and serious.We prefer you posses a current Indiana hand gun permit or be willing to get one but it is not mandatory if you do not carry.Felons need not apply.We are a Christian based unit however the non-religious are more than welcome in our group.All races and colors are welcome as well,as all men are created equal.
Please visit our sites:
or directly
Just ask yourself...
Will you have a save place for you and your loved ones and like minded people to help keep them safe if a major disaster hits this country?
God bless.
Christian Liberty Guards-Indiana.