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Thread: OC in Bi Mart Deer Park

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    My wife and I followed a Sheriffs patrol carinto the Bi Mart parking lot this morning.We then followed the Deputy into the store and proceeded tostart shopping. About 15 minutes later I am standing at the end of the automotive aisle looking up a filter # for my pick up when out of the corner of my eye I see the Deputy coming down the aisleright at me and I think to my self here we go. About half way down the aisle the Deputy spotted my XD, I was standing strong side to him so myit was kinda hard to miss. The Deputy slowed for just a second looked up at me and then just noddedand smiled as he walked on by without a saying a word.

    Even though I knew I was perfectly legal and I have OCed in Bi Mart many timesI was surprised at how nervous I was. Anyway Kudos's to the Spokane Sheriffs Department. What a boost to my OC confidence.

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    i would like to have a perfect situation like that!

    to normalize it by talkin him up about the dificulty of finding the right part for your car!
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    100% excellent, that's how it supposed to be.

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