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    Hello Everyone,

    I live in CT, but I was watching the Weather Channel this evening, (10/03/09) at approx 5:23 pm E.T.

    I just thought that you would all like to know, that at that time, the on air broadcaster (who was onlycovering the AZ weather at the time)made the following, and totally unsolicited, statement..(i'm paraphrasing, but it is 90% accurate)

    "and by the way, did you know that people can now carry guns in bars in AZ, (he then made a condecending face) I don't think that's a very good you?"

    I have already written the weather channel, and informed them that their on-air broadcaster should keep his opinions to himself, and just report the weather. But I felt that you all should know so that you can write them, or call yourself...

    Have a great day.


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    Obviously... this bozo's never been to Virgina. OC required there. AZ is CC only and no drinkee. So? These pouges should do a bit more than scan what they read... 'n pay attention to nuthin' they hear on the 'news'.

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