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Thread: Tagua Magazine Pouches?

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    I purchased a Tagua singe magazine carrier for a Springfield XD 45 (they apparently dont make them for the Para double stacks, but this one fits perfectly) for use when OC and CC. It is nicely constructed, and the matte black leather compliments my Galco Paddle Lite holster. It sits relatively low on my belt and is pretty comfy (considering the bulk of the Para 13-rd double stack mags).

    But here is the problem. The snap on the belt strap is on the top, and it seems to want to come unsnapped at the most inopportune times. Like when I'm getting in or out of my vehicle. Or when I reach for my wallet in line at the store. Or when I reach up for something and my shirt-tail catches under it. Or if I lean to the left. Or sneeze...

    I'm assuming it's just a defective snap. It appears to be perfectly attached and all the snap parts LOOK to be OK, and it snaps closed with a positive and loud snap, but the darn thing won't stay on my belt for more than 10 or 15 minutes, and seems to come indone whenever ANY sort of pressure it put on it ...

    So here is the problem. The paper inside the packaging of this product clearly states that Tagua sells all their products as-is, and won't be responsible for repair or replacement if, once you get it and start using it, it turns out to suck.

    And the dealer I bought it from is almost 2 hours away. They are a GREAT dealer, and I imagine it I drove back down to Fayetteville and asked for an exchange or even my money back, they would be happy to work with me. But it just doesn't seem worth it to drive 2 hours to get a replacement for a $21 item. I'd spend more than that on gas. And I don't have any reason to be back down to Fayetteville anytime soon (probably not for a month or more).

    Shoudl I try and take it up with Tagua? Should I try and fix or replace the snap? Should I just put this POS on EBAY and let it be someone else's problem?

    The Galco double mag carrier that I have also has the snaps on the top of the belt strap and that seems to work well. My double mag carrier is a Galco and it has never once come un-snapped. The snaps on it lock in like deadbolts.

    I know this is just one item, and not a representative sample, but has anyone else had problems with Tagua products? Based on this mag carrier, and their BS policy on returns or repairs, I know that I will NEVER buy another Tagua item again...

    Am I being pissy? Or has anyone else been disappointed with this brand?
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    Dreamer wrote:
    SNIP I purchased a Tagua...
    Maybe call or write Tagua and ask them if they will make good on it. For the moment, I would treat it as a defective snap.

    Be real nice; don't criticize them about the snap location. If you just have to say something, wait until it is clear whether they will replace it, and then change the criticism into customer feedback sincerely intended to be helpful feedback.

    If they won't make good, I'd just junk it and write it off to experience. I've got a holster and belt I don't care to use much that I could've avoided buying. Part of the price of learning sometimes.
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    Is there stress on the snap? If there is a constant pulling on the snap it will come loose easily.
    If there is no stress on the snap then just replace the snap, it's a lot less hassle and cheaper too.
    The male part of the snap may be mis-shaped but it is better to replace both parts.

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