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Thread: OpenCarry Question - Maybe Moving

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    I've been offered a good job in Westminster, would be the third move of a year.

    I'm very, very confused about the open carry in Colorado. I've lived in Nevada & Arizona, OC everywhere...

    What is the exact status, for example below?

    Westminster Law:
    (E) It shall be a criminal offense for anyone, other than a police officer, an armored car employee providing money transport from a city facility, a private security guard hired by the city, or an authorized city employee, to carry any weapon in view onto or in a city premises. Possession of a concealed handgun permit shall be of no defense if the handgun is carried in such a manner as to be visible, in whole or in part, or accessible for any length of time to another individual.

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    The state's firearms laws pre-empt local ordinances, including prohibitions of open carry. Denver is the only city that has won an exception in court.

    See the link "2004 Meyers Decision" on this page

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    Westminster's OC ban on city-owned property is preempted by State law.

    29-11.7-104. Regulation - carrying - posting. "A local government may enact an ordinance, regulation, or other law that prohibits the open carrying of a firearm in a building or specific area within the local government's jurisdiction. If a local government enacts an ordinance, regulation, or other law that prohibits the open carrying of a firearm in a building or specific area, the local government shall post signs at the public entrances to the building or specific area informing persons that the open carrying of firearms is prohibited in the building or specific area."

    Westminster may only ban OC in specific areas and signs must be posted. I know Westminster does not have signage posted (except at a few building entrances) so they cannot ban OC. I think that part of the city ordinances that you referenced is an old provision that has never been removed.

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