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Thread: Clerk snatches gun from robber

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    Clerk snatches gun from robber The owner of Sang Sportswear thought gun was fake
    Updated: Sunday, 04 Oct 2009, 12:20 AM EDT
    Published : Saturday, 03 Oct 2009, 11:58 PM EDTMUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WOOD) - Suwhan Kim was working on a display in the back of his clothing store Monday evening when a robber walked in, pointed a gun at his wife and demanded cash.
    The incident happened Monday at around 7 p.m. Police say the suspect is Dennis Ward, 49.
    The Kims cooperated with Ward and put the money in a bag as requested. Kim says Ward then forced the couple into the store's bathroom.
    "He want me to count to 20 slowly," Kim said.
    After leaving the couple in the bathroom, the robber returned shortly after. That's when Kim says he decided to strike back.
    "When he came back to us, I grabbed his gun...snatched his gun and give it to my wife," Kim said.
    Kim says that the suspect had fired a warning shot, but he was not convinced that the gun was real. After snatching the gun from suspect, Kim was able to wrestle him to the ground and hold him there until police arrived.
    While Kim held the suspect, two of the store's regular customers came into the store, but they didn't help the Kims. After Kim's wife explained to them what happened, the men started grabbing merchandise and ran away.
    Muskegon Heights Police officers later arrested Lashaun and Demario Johnson for the thefts. The brothers were charged with unarmed robbery Friday.
    Police say the gun Ward was using was a loaded 38 Special. Ward received minor injuries to his head in the incident.
    "[I was] very scared," Ward said. "In my inside, I got some kind of angry that comes out too. Someone's gonna hurt my wife."

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    Leon should get some sleep, as he confused the store manager with the perp at the end of the article.springerdave.

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