“I am saddened to learn of your enrollment in Gov. (sic) Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I can understand how you could consider this movement because of its title, which is very misleading,” Naples resident Wayne Jenkins said in a Sept. 10 e-mail to Barnett.
“I too, am opposed to illegal guns, but I also support lawful gun ownership of citizens. I would like to urge you to consider checking the facts, and if you agree with me that this is a disguised anti-gun organization, that you would withdraw your membership.”
That isn’t happening, Barnett said, even though the coalition has lost some members since the NRA began its campaign against the group.
Post said he was unsure how many of the 450 mayors have backed out of the organization, but said the coalition has continued to see its membership grow.
“I did this because I felt for the cause,” Barnett said.