hey, new to the form, i have been a OC enthusiest for years, just moved to Saco from Newry *where sunday river is* and have OC'ed in many citys including, sanford, rumford, newry, bethel, biddeford.

Up in newry the local pd's and sheriffs departments are quite easygoing on the topic of OC, and will actualy stop to admire your pistol and just talk. I've been met with semi-to severe resistance in some towns A.E. Biddeford! they seem to know not what thier job is and use extreme methods of force onto anyone carrying OC.

my question to you all is has anyone OC'ed in saco? it seems to be a relitively nice calm town with somewhat friendly people and LEO's, just want to get some opinions and guage what if any resistance i will be met with. i Mainly carry OC when i go for walks at around 3am, just incase.