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Thread: 2nd amendment is not the root of the problem

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    We really have to get to the root of the problem to regain our 2nd rights. GET ACTIVE at the root. First- friends, family, neighbors. Next are groups. OCDO comes to mind. Then legislative. From here it looks like the root is legislative. Actively call,fax,email,smail them all. Let your concerns and views be known to them. Vote accordingly. (anytiny($) act is a "vote").

    If most of us don't like the direction this is going, overwhelming force (voting) will someday prevail.

    I think if the large majority of us don't speak with a unified voice, the vocal minority will prevail.

    I belive that some of our Gov. could be brought up on treason charges, and the ones that are just "going along for the ride" are enabling treason.

    BE ACTIVE! Whatever you believe in!

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    Its not about the vote. Reliance on Democracy is what got us into this mess. It is about adherence to the US Constitution.

    Congress has the right to work within its 17 enumerated powers... but because of an ignorant voting populace, has managed to go way beyond its Constitutional powers.

    The US Code of Federal Regulations is around 56,000 pages and it has been posited that at least 55,500 pages contain unconstitutional codes that go beyond the scope of the 17 enumerated powers in the US Constitution.

    The courts were supposed to shoot down any and all laws that strayed from the 17 enumerated powers, but they dropped the ball almost as soon as they were formed.

    The Executive Branch was supposed to be able to stand in the way of unconstitutional power grabs, but most Presidents have been as treasonous as the Congress.

    Last, and most important are "We the People" who have been derelict in our duty to keep our government restrained and limited. "We the People" are the final decision makers and we the people have become complacent and ignorant of the dangers of tyranny. Those who seek power and seek the means to control others know this and exploit this ignorance and complacency.

    All of this is leading us down a very bad road and we had better put on the brakes and restore the Republic before we go off the cliff.

    The Second Amendment means nothing if the Constitution and the Republic that supposedly guarantee it are almost completely ignored.

    More than 56,000 pages of Unconstitutional US Code and the fact that a majority of Americans seem to believe we're a Democracy proves my point.
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    Really, not to worry. The last election has activated the Militia of the Whole People, big time. The question on so many minds these days is "What the hell did we just do, why did we do it and how do we get out of it?" There are even a lot of black folks who have gotten over their jubilation - justified, to be sure - that a black President had been elected and are starting to question why it had to be THIS guy.

    The chicanery and duplicity of these weasels is being exposed every day. ACORN operatives giving advice on how to steal from the government - to run a child prostitution ring, at that !! The Obama "Safe Schoolkids" "Czar" turning out to have encouraged not one but TWO teenage boys to maintain relationships with older men! And these are the people who say that "child safety" is a paramount reason for their "reasonable restrictions" on firearms??? :shock:

    Treasury secretaries and House finance chairmen who have cheated on their taxes! WOW!! And in the case of the Treasury Secretary, whose tax sins were forgiven because his "expertise" was needed, excusing his "mistake" by saying that he can't figure out Turbo Tax??

    Today's average citizen looks on all of this and feels as if he had just pulled into an auto repair shop staffed by Ringling Bros. Clowns running around putting seltzer in crankcases and filling radiators with gasoline. And he is not amused.

    It had to come to this, I guess, but the citizenry is engaged again. This was not supposed to happen. But it did. And happy day.

    There is a terrible joke but it illustrates the attitude of the citizenry that led us to this point:

    A teenage boy goes into a drugstore to buy a condom. "How much?" he says, and the pharmacist says "They are one dollar each". "Okay" says the lad. "I'll take one please". So the pharmacist rings it up and says "that'll be a dollar and five cents." The boy says: "I thought they were a dollar. What's the five cents for?" and the pharmacist says "That's the charge for the tax". The boy says:"TACKS?? CRIPES! AT SCHOOL THEY SAID YOU ROLL THEM ON!!"

    The recent takeover by radicals has smartened us all up considerably.

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