He said he didn't know guns were prohibited, so there were probably no signs. He had a permit.

I hope he fights it and we'll find out if the AG was right in his recent opinion where he says cities do not have to post.

Germantown Police issued a city summons to a man who brought a handgun into a local park — the first since a new law went into effect banning the weapons.

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The incident happened last Thursday around 6:40 p.m. at Johnson Road Park just off Poplar.

John Lee Parker, 48, of Memphis was fishing at Johnson Road Park in a pond beside the disc golf range, said Capt. Alan Keller with the Germantown Police.

Parker and another man who was playing disc golf got into an argument. Keller said he didn’t know what the two men argued about.

Witnesses told police that Parker walked to his vehicle, strapped a pistol to his side and went back to fishing. One of the men who was playing disc golf called authorities.

After Parker strapped the pistol to his side, Keller said, “He didn’t make any threats. We determined that there was no assault. He was in violation of having a firearm in the park.”

Reached at his home tonight, Parker said he did not realize he could not carry his handgun in the park.

“It was really nothing,” he said. “I just didn’t know that you were not supposed to have a weapon there.”

He denied witness accounts that there was an argument and that he went back to his vehicle to get the gun.

“I always carry it with me,” he said. “I was always told to carry it with me.”

State records show that Parker is licensed to carry a handgun.

Germantown was among the first cities in Shelby County to ban guns in all of its parks, greenways and city-owned buildings under a new state law.

The General Assembly passed a law earlier this year allowing permit holders to carry their guns in parks. But legislators included a section for local governments to opt out of the legislation if they didn’t want guns in their local parks.