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Thread: Neat .45LC from Hornaday

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    Hornaday 'Lever Revolution' .45LC for lever guns.

    "Hornady's successful line of LEVERevolution® ammo has been expanded to include these popular revolver/lever gun cartridges. This new ammo delivers exceptional terminal performance and increases effective range. The Flex Tip™ of the FTX bullet enhances bullet flight characteristics and opens up new application possibilities with supercharged performance for rifles chambered in .357 magnum and .44 magnum. .357 per 25, .44 per 20, .45 Colt per 20."

    The .45 Colt 225 gr is going in my '92 Win and the Ruger Vaquero SAA. I had a problem with leadnosed .45 HP's feeding in the (Rossi repro) '92 Win. They were hanging up on the chamber throat (top). Not good for a lever gun. Note these tips will not cause problemsin tube magazines.From reviews, they seem to work well in .45LC wheelguns and the dual ammo Taurus 'Judge'. They're about a $1.00 per round... per box so that'd be a bit pricey for target practice.

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    Do you know if they can be expected to expand reliably at the velocities you'd see from a pistol length barrel?

    Are they loaded to standard .45 Colt pressure?

    Sure do wish they'd load up some .41 Mag with LEVERevolution bullets. - The best AZ gun board around!

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