Hello I am new to this forum and have had a concealed carry permit now for a few months, and have a question regarding carrying in a public park.

It is a big topic in the media lately about carrying in state parks, but I am not sure on the fact if it was legal to carry in a public park in downtown Charleston sc, or any parks for that matter.

I feel the most likely place for someone to attack me in charleston is when I am at a public park, one of the reasons I got my cwp in the 1st place. But I also want to follow the laws to avoid legal troubles if I ever was encountered by a police officer.

Also if anyone is familiar with the charleston sc area what places have legal do not carry signs, I seen one at a movie theatre in downtown north charleston, I believe the road is mall drive that it is on, I cant remember the name but it has lots of neon lights, and I also saw a sign that didnt look legal at the goodwill in west ashley.

any helpful info on the questions would be appreciated.