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Thread: Washintonian OCing in Oregon?

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    Family and I are going to Mt. Hood over Christmas break. Want to OC. Can't find any info. accept what I do find is sketchy at best. I'm finding plenty on CCing, but I won't be there long enough to pursue that. What are the basics I need to know? I read something about not even being to OC in my car? Is that right?

    Please don't yell at me if this posted somewhere else on this site, as I've spent hours lurking unable to find it? Thanks for your help.

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    You can look at this pamphlet -

    And also look here:

    The second link contains info about the cities that ban loaded open carry. If you have a Oregon permit then itexempts you from thelocal ordinances.

    To my knowledge, there are no restrictions in the Mt Hood area. Be mindful of the reservations as they have their own laws. As with anywhere, if it's private property, they can ask you to leave and if you refuse you can be charged with trespassing.



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