Most of us by now have heard of David William Hedrick. He is the Marine who stood up to his Congressman at the health care town hall in Washington State. You have seen him on Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Levin, etc. If you still don’t know who he is, here is a link to his youtube video that I am sure you will recognize.

This Marine is a true conservative, state rights, constitutionalist candidate. He is a real 2A supporter unlike his phony"I used to hunt as a child" but "I support reasonable gun cotrol measures" opponent. David is a real hunter and I have seen the picture of him sitting on the back of an elk to prove it. He is a life member of the NRA and if you read his position on gun control in the townhall / blog section of his website, you will see that he isone of us.

I witnessedDavid speak on a tea party float at the Freedom March 9/12 event in Washington DC. All I can say is, it is too bad he was not on the main stage at that event because I never heard the crowd get louder all day. He was amazing.

I have been corresponding with David and I know that one of the factors that led him to run was the outpouring of support he received from people like those on this forum who promised to support him if he did. David promised he would run if we promised our support. He kept his word, now it is time for us to keep ours.

Please join me insupporting this Marine by volunteering, contributing and/or spreading the word like I’m doing now. Keeping our gun right demands action. Now is the time to act.

God Bless and may God protect our freedom guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Consitution.