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Thread: Quesitons regarding DPS-3-Cs and FOI Request

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    Friday, October 16, 2009[/b]

    DPS Commissioner John A. Danaher III

    DPS Legal Affairs Unit – Sgt. Seth Mancini[/b]

    Special License and Firearms Unit – Lt. in Charge c/o Sgt. Douglas Hall[/b]

    1111 Country Club Road

    Middletown, CT 06457

    Re: Request for answers to questions and/or Freedom of Information Request for prompt access[/b]

    Commissioner Danaher,

    To save time and conserve DPS resources, I previously asked the following questions from a Lt. in your department and acknowledge are he was not required or mandated by law to answer.

    A simple timely response could have avoided my having to submit this letter/request.
    From: Ed Peruta
    To: Hall, Doug
    Cc: 'Rachel M. Baird'
    Sent: Tue Oct 13 10:25:46 2009[/b]
    Subject: Request for Information

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Attention: Lt. in charge of the Special License and Firearms Unit[/b]

    This request is for information regarding the recent mailing of letters to individuals who received authorization numbers and DPS-3-Cs.

    How many letters were sent out regarding missing DPS-3-C forms since October 1, 2009?

    How many DPS-3-Cs were unaccounted for at the time DPS mailed the letters?

    How many authorization numbers are involved with the letters sent?

    What is the oldest authorization number where no DPS-3-C was submitted?

    When did the situation regarding these missing DPS-3-C forms become known to DPS?

    Did DPS receive any DPS-3-Cs that were not properly accounted for upon receipt? (Example: Sept. 12, 2008 fax from Fred Valente)

    Has a new letter replaced the one recently sent out to individuals?

    Must authorization numbers be obtained and DPS-3-C forms submitted for PRIVATE sales of Long Guns?


    Tue 10/13/2009 4:21 PM[/b]

    Mr. Peruta,

    I am in receipt of your questions relating to a recent bulk mailing by SLFU regarding DPS-3-C forms and discussed those questions with the lieutenant (as that was who you addressed your questions to).

    In order to obtain the requested information I suggest that you send a request to the DPS Legal Affairs Unit.


    Sergeant Douglas A. Hall, Esq.
    Executive Officer
    Connecticut State Police
    Special Licensing and Firearms Unit
    1111 Country Club Road
    Middletown, CT 06457
    Tele 860-685-8003
    Fax 860-685-8644

    Due to the response received from Sgt. Douglas Hall Esq. I am now forced to repeat my questions to your legal affairs unit who I believe will respond in the normal boiler plate manner as usual.



    On the assumption that the questions will NOT be answered, I am submitting my questions in the form of a Freedom of Information[/b] request as follows:

    1. Please provide PROMPT[/b] access during normal business hours to ALL[/b] letters and electronic correspondence sent to or received by individuals regarding missing DPS-3-Cs.

    2. All internal memorandums or written/electronic correspondence between units in your agency or individuals regarding missing DPS-3-Cs since July 1, 2009.

    3. Any and all emails received or sent to members of the public regarding the October 2009 mailing to individuals demanding submission of DPS-3-Cs.

    4, A complete list of all problematic firearm authorization numbers which are currently open due to the lack of DPS-3-Cs being submitted to DPS/SLFU.

    5. Any and all written or electronic correspondence/documentation regarding missing DPS-3-Cs since the mass mailing by DPS/SLUF to members of the public in October of 2009.

    6. All copies of final FOIC orders current located in your department where the Department of Public Safety or any unit of same has been ordered to provide prompt access or strictly comply with provisions of the Connecticut Freedom of Information laws.

    This request is made in accordance with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Statutes and all mandates contained in previously issued [/b]Freedom of Information orders and Court decisions where your department has been orders to strictly comply with the Freedom of Information laws regarding PROMPT ACCESS[/b] to public records.

    In my absence, I authorize Attorney Rachel Baird to act in my behalf regarding this request and any FOI filings that my be necessary.[/b]


    Edward A. Peruta

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    You can hear the squirming going on from here!

    At what point do they admit that their system such as it is - is deeply flawed and having a system where sellers to gun shops are not required to send forms in, nor are the buyers it would appear, and then turn around and harass the sellers for what the gunstore management didn't do?

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