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    Hello, Iam new to the site and i have a question concrening [ Open Carry} in the state of Ct. I was informed when i first obtained my pistol permit here in Ct, that when i am carrying my firearm it must be concealed at all times. Now i was just informed by a member that this is false. That you can carry it in open sight? Why were we told it has to be concealed by those instructors who give the classes for a Ct pistol permit? And is it true that you can carry in open sight in the state of Ct? Does anyone know what the laws in CT are pertaining to open carry? Any help will be appreciated. thanks

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    First off, welcome aboard! You've come to a great place for carry information; specifically of the OC variety.

    As for your question, I strongly suggest you visit the Connecticut forum to get the best possible answers to your questions.

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    Open carry is legal with a permit.

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