I've spoken with pullnshoot already and solicited his help, but I'm looking for open carriers who are interested in being part of my photo project this semester.

Please note that I am pro 2a and regularly UOC here in san diego.

A little background on the project.

I am to explore gun culture as it relates to the time we live in. I'm looking to photograph several things, open carriers are one subject I'd like to try. For the OC'ers I want to do some portraits, as well as make some pictures while we are out and about OCing. I want to photograph the public's reaction to the notion of open carry. If it happens, I'd like to photograph an "e" check.

I need some volunteers to be photographed. Here's the deal; some of these photos will be published (only with the subjects consent) in a magazine the class is to produce. They will also be shown in class here at Grossmont College. I will need whoever is willing to sign a model release so I may publish their image in the magazine. For your cooperation I will give you any photos taken (of you) on a CD with permission to publish and print them yourselves.

I'm also exploring the concepts of firearms for self defense, concealed carry, and the sporting aspects related to firearms.

I appreciate any suggestions in general.

I can travel to anywhere in San Diego

Shoot me an email at ryan@ryanclarkphotography.com if you are interested .